Grand Christmas Draw 2022

Last draw raised over £1000 for Local Good Causes

Tickets for this years draw are now on sale

The draw takes place at 8pm Wednesday 15th December 2022

All the winners of this years draw will be shown on this page as the tickets are drawn LIVE.

Refresh the page every few minutes to see updates

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Grand Xmas Draw 2022

Draw takes place at 7:30pm 15/12/2022.
This page will be regularly updated as winning tickets are drawn
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Prize NumberWinning Ticket NoName on TicketPrize
14240West£250 Cash
24542Colin£150 Cash
34459Terry£100 Cash
40132Dave Moore£50 Cash
55619KeirMini Chopper
61721Hev BridleCelebration Tub
70984J NashHome Tool Kit
83473LizWomens Lynx Set
95284Alice HowletBarbershop Clippers
101280Paula EdmundsCadbury Selection Box
113332EdCordless Screwdriver
121003F Ireland Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
135719SandraQuality Streets Tub
142696Jane EvansNivea For Men
153563AlanPuppy 2023 Calandar
162790PeterTea, Coffee,Sugar Canisters
172016Lyn HogBottle La Gioiosa Gold
185412Aaron WarrenBeer Glasses
193862Pat NealDairy Box Chocolates
205641KiaBee Place Mat Set
224578OliviaFox's Biscuits
230767JSG EngineeringBayliss & Harding Gift Set
241291Ben HalletOven Gloves
253753PennyMens Lynx Set
261513AlbyFruit Hamper
271507RuthBlue Tooth Speaker
284636M RufflesDiffuser
295261KarenUSB Charging Cable.Pink
303455P WoodallReece's Gift Chocholates
311493KellyDigital Scales
320302TinaEcho Dot
330157Paul EdwardsCadbury Selection Box
344517G PriceCelebration Tub
350331TinaBottle Chilean Merlot
360525Karen PDiffuser
374728MC CarsonFamous Names Liqueurs Tin
383497Steve HernCadbury Selection Box
390842JackieSudoku Book
404310SamHand Blender
414509G Price4 Mixer Glasses
421142RichardFerrero Rocher Sml
434568GinaNivea Pampering Bag
443911Dave MooreBottle Yellowtail Pinot Grigio
453730Rosemary DawToastie Maker
464400CholeTravel Hair Dryer
471906Ken HeartDiffuser
480554Karen N PeteFerrero Rocher Lrg
492240D HindsLindor Chocolates
504597Barry sBee Mugs
515312JulianCelebration Tub
520184Paul EdwardsBottle Chilean Merlot
535104AGChalk Board
545431Yvonne booker4 Shot Glasses
554476BradleyBee Clock
565352Denise MooreCarafe with 4 Glasses
571626Jan JohnsonFerraro Rocher Lrg
585280AliceRoses Chocolates Tub
593453P WoodallLap Tray
604760Holly MooreSlow Cooker
612324Barb TateWood Chopping Board
621269M DoyleDiffuser
635559James ClarkTable Lamp
644195I Brooker4 Wine Glasses
652589Ian GibbonsSweet Treats Tub
661898Kristina PayneBottle La Gioiosa Gold
673405The Bear Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
684290Denise MooreBottle Lambrusco
695424J WarrenHero's Chocolates Tub
712788PeterCadbury Selection Box
721662Margaret BurfordSlow Cooker
730309Tina TyersBottle S/African Pinotage
741673Audrey LatterBottle Yellowtail Pinot Grigio
754292Paul MooreHero's Chocolates Tub
760443K LittlechildLindor Chocolates
770536Pete n KarenSweet Treats Tub
780800Hilda Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
791071Dan Lovett4 Shot Glasses
801544Francis JohnsonTable Lamp
810177Paul EdwardsSwizzels Extravagant Sweets
824469Dave MooreHero's Chocolates Tub
833150Helen NewelBottle Chilean Merlot
841931A Couldry Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
850844JackieQuality Streets Tub
863809Emma FBottle La Gioiosa Gold
875219Alice HowlettBottle Lambrusco
885502James ClarkeCelebration Tub
894369Mary IBottle S/African Pinotage
902373Mr Mrs Smith Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
911293Shaun JonesRoses Chocolates Tub
921270M Doyle Bottle Chilean Chardonnay
931020Audrey RoseBottle Chilean Merlot
945676Paul MercerRoses Chocolates Tub
951471M WernhamBottle Chilean Merlot
962967CherylBottle Yellowtail Pinot Grigio
970024James FieldBottle S/African Pinotage
984725S PurleBottle Chilean Merlot
990589Peter N DaveBottle Lambrusco
1001643MarrionNivea Cracker
1011554May LAfter Eights
1031725HethBeauty Voucher
1053933Dave MooreCelebrations
1062588Ian GibbonsHand Care
1092303Jaz HCarva
1100071 L OrchardBailey's Set
1110363Ian WebsdaleLindor Chocolates
1120125Dave MooreRoses
1130969Keith PiggottMeat Voucher
1141707D SmithJigsaw
1155269KarenCandle holder
1171776Mick StantonCoca Cola
1181167PamBlood Orange Gin
1194297Denise MooreRed Wine
1203679C BonnarRed Wine
1215105AGWhite Wine
1221201ChrisWhite Wine
1231612Liz CareyRed Wine
1242150HozeneBottle Cidre
1250862Steven MappleProsecco
1265283Alice HowlettBlack Magic
1271022Dave MooreSanta Hat Booby prize
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