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Pram Race Rules

So there will be no disapointment on the day, we advise that you read and abide by the rules, to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event.

The Rules.

1 The Race shall be held annually on 26th December, starting at Mill Farm / Downlands Close, on Pagham Road, Nyetimber, at 11:00 am prompt.

The course shall be Via THE BEAR INN, THE LAMB INN, PAGHAM ROAD, south towards Church Farm, turning left into SEA LANE towards THE KINGS BEACH HOTEL, left via PAGHAM PARADE, left Into HARBOUR VIEW ROAD, left into CHURCH WAY, right into PAGHAM ROAD and right into THE LAMB INN car park, the finish. Approximate distance 3 miles. No deviation is permitted.


ENTRANCE CLASSES shall include THE RACE, FANCY DRESS, NOVELTY, LADIES and other groups at the Committee’s discretion.


ALL ENTRANTS must be over the age of 18 years at the entry day. 26th December.

5 NO RUNNING will be allowed i.e. “heel and toe” WALKING ONLY. No warnings will be issued and Course judges have discretion to disqualify.


NO competitor shall deliberately hinder or impede the progress of any other competitor.


At the Pubs and for the entire duration / length of the course both the person pushing and the person sitting in the pram must remain in situ and will be disqualified if places are changed or an additional pusher is introduced, both must drink the beer. Undue spillage will incur disqualification.

8 Pram design, the chassis, will not be restricted excepting the basis / chassis must follow an original pram base / design and include two fixed axles and FOUR WHEELS. No form of propulsion and or steering (other than pushing) can be built or attached. All other designs or variations will be entered into NOVELTY CLASS,

9 ENTRIES into all classes are accepted on the DAY of the race up to 10:50 hrs (or thereafter at the entry marshal’s discretion). The number of starters may be limited, in the interests of safety. THE ENTRY FEE is a donation of £10:00p (or more at the entrants’ discretion) per pram (GROUP ENTRIES pro rata more) are actively encouraged to represent PUBS, CLUBS, GROUPS, DISABLED etc.

10 All PRAMS and ENTRANTS shall be subject to scrutiny. Absolutely NO MISSILES, PROJECTILES, FLOUR/WATER BOMBS or SQUIRTERS of any kind shall be permitted whatsoever.

11 ALL COMPETITORS, ENTRANTS, PARTICIPANTS, enter at their own insurance or risk and NO LIABILITY of any kind is or will be accepted by the organising committee, nor its officials, helpers assistants or any connections thereof, for any accident, incident, occurrence or for any liability or damages, of any kind, however arising out of the event, before, during or after.

12 ALL ENTRANTS confirm by / on entry that they are fit enough to take part and complete a course of at least 3 miles and involves drinking 3 pints of beer, if in any doubt, they should not enter unless they have sought MEDICAL ADVICE from a medical practitioner i.e. a medical doctor.

13 ALL ENTRANTS CONFIRM that they have read, understood and accepted the rules and risks and will comply with any reasonable request of any Police Officer, Race Official/ Marshal, especially in the interests of Safety of themselves, another competitor, any spectator or Official .

14 In accordance with ARUN DISTRICT COUNCIL terms of licence for a street collection permit, NO OTHER PARTY may lawfully collect any monies for or on behalf of any cause other than a properly Authorised collector of / on behalf of PAGHAM PRAM RACE COMMITTEE the Licence holder. Any monies collected by any entrant participating in the pram race or spectator must pass all monies collected to a member of the Pram race committee who will distribute all monies at their discretion after taking into account all reasonable requests for all local good causes and charities.

15 The Pram Race Committee’s decision in all matters is final.


Click on the link below for a printable version of the rules and a race map

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