The Oldest Pram Race In The World

We are proud to announce that the pram race has a new joint principle sponsor.....Osborne Refrigerators...... Lets make this years Pagham Pram Race one of the best ever.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the Pagham Pram Race?

A. The Pagham Pram Race has a 60 year history. In 1946 a group of demobbed servicemen decided they would race. One pushing the pram and another as a baby sitting in it, making sure to drink a pint each, at all the villiage pubs. The prize, a christmas fruit cake.

Since then the Pagham Pram Race has been run every year on Boxing Day, whatever the weather, starting at the mill on Pagham Road and passing The Bear, The Lamb The Kings Beach, a course of approximately 3 miles that finishes at The Lamb car park.

Lately there has been as many as 60 Pram Race Entrants, some of these are fantastic designed floats usually accompanied by people dressed in fancy dress costumes. Entrant have been know to have come from as far a field as New Zeland.

Q. Where does the money raised go?

A. Many thousands of pounds have been raised both from the raffle, entry money, and of course, donations from the thousands of people that line the route. The Proceeds of any event run by the Pagham Pram race committee are distrubuted to worthy local charities. see our charity list for further details.

Q. Who can enter the Pagham Pram Race?

A. Anyone can enter the race as long as you are over the age of 18 years on the day of entry. There are a strict set of rules that govern the race. Click Here for details

Q. How can I enter the pram race?

A. Entries into all classes for the race should be made on race day at the Mill or you can enter online by clicking here Entries will be taken from 10:00 am onwards. The race starts at 11am prompt.

THE ENTRY FEE is a donation of £10.00 (or more at the entrants’ discretion) per pram

GROUP ENTRIES are actively encouraged to represent PUBS, CLUBS, GROUPS,etc.

ALL COMPETITORS, ENTRANTS, PARTICIPANTS, enter at their own insurance or risk and NO LIABILITY of any kind is or will be accepted by the organising committee, nor its officials, helpers assistants or any connections thereof, for any accident, incident, occurrence or for any liability or damages, of any kind, however arising out of the event, before, during or after.

Q. What route does the Pram Race take?

A. The course shall be Via THE BEAR INN, THE LAMB INN, PAGHAM ROAD, south towards Church Farm, turning left into SEA LANE towards THE KINGS BEACH HOTEL, left via PAGHAM PARADE, left into HARBOUR VIEW ROAD, left into CHURCH WAY, right into PAGHAM ROAD and right into THE LAMB INN car park, the finish. Approximate distance 3 miles. No deviation is permitted. Click here for a route map

If you have any other questions please contact us

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