On behalf of the team I would like to thank everyone who gave donations and hopefully the web site made interesting reading. We have now added a page full of pictures, and as you will see the event was not only a great challenge but a lot of fun too. Finally we would all like to thank our families for supporting us throughout. Please continue to check the web site as there are numerous events through out the year. Dont forget the main event on Boxing Day too.


Thank you all


Nick Porter

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Route Map



Day 1 - Saturday 18th July - 960 to go.
The boat trip was as expected, plenty of food but very little sleep as we only had reclining chairs. We left St Malo at 9 am and the weather was overcast and very little wind. Made a mistake which cost us 5 miles so didn't stop for lunch till we had done 50 miles. Had a ham baguette then we got on our way. The wind picked up and it started to rain so it was heads down for the next 40 miles. The scenery was much like the UK, wheat and corn fields. We found a nice hotel 2 miles outside chateaubriant. Nothing special but very welcome.

Day 2 - Sunday 19th July - 896 to go.
We had a good nights sleep and met for breakfast for 7.30 where we stuffed our selves silly. Being sunday everywhere is shut in France so there weren't many options for food and water. We all took our share at cycling up front which was difficult. Our route took us over the river Loire and into the wine territory. There were lots more hills today and the weather is warming up nicely. No real rain to speak of, only the odd shower so we managed to dry most of our clothes on route. We decided to find a hotel in Cholet as there were no other towns nearby.

Day 3 - Monday 20th July - 798 to go
Had a good meal sunday night but no one slept very well. Our legs also ached in the morning and what a shock they were in for as usually they go to work on monday for a rest. Still the sun was out and we left Cholet at 8.15. The scenery started to change from sweet corn to fields of sunflowers through miles of rolling countryside. We climbed to over 800 ft where we stopped for coffee (Photo Below). We carried on for another 60 miles and stopped for lunch at a town called Benet. The temperature was now 33 degrees C. Lovely! We managed a staggering 97 miles and we all struggled at the end as our water had run out. We found a reasonable hotel with air con and a comfortable bed. Nearly a quarter of the way there now so a really good effort by the whole team.

Day 4 - Tuesday 21st July - 718 to go
After a long day yesterday we spoilt ourselves with a couple of beers then bed. We had a very good sleep and got up at 7.30 for breakfast. We left at 9.00 am, not a cloud in the sky, so after leaving it was shirts off and bandanas on. Lovely countryside again and the route took us on the back roads. The sun flower fields (picture below) were giving way to the vineyards as we entered the Bordeaux wine region. We headed towards the Gironde estuary where we hoped to have lunch. No luck as the only bar we found didn't do food. The temperature this afternoon went above 40 for the first time. We wanted to follow the Girande estuary to Blayne but we think Graham's sat nav was set for ramblers as we ended up down a dead end road which had a farm run by a Dutchman in huge great yellow cloggs. He let us fill up our water bottles and pointed us in the right direction. Another gentle 20 miles and we arrived at our destination.

Day 5 - Wednesday 22nd July - 649 to go
Had a nice meal last night and we were allowed a local bottle of red wine on the kitty.We had to run back to the hotel as it started raining, just what you want after a day riding. Left at 10am after spending a bit of time route planning. We are doing well and want to be at the bottom of the Pyranees ready for day 8. We left Blaye in lovely sun shine and it was hats on as today was going to be mostly on the main roads. We followed the Bordeaux wine region which was fantastic to see, all so beautifully maintained. We passed St Emilion (Photo Below) a favourite wine of mine and Ii would loved too have stayed and sampled a few bottles but with 40 miles still to go Ii didn't think it would go down to well. An hour later we crossed the Dordonge River, climbed 400ft and left the wine region behind. All together a nice easy day with only 1 puncture.

Day 6 - Thursday 23rd July - 573 to go
Had a nice meal last night and again spent time route planning. We are doing really well and although my legs have never stopped aching they seem to do the job each day. We woke up to really heavy rain and like true hardened bikers didnt waste any time and we set off at 9 am heading for Castelaloux through the pine forests that then gave way to fields of sunflowers and sweetcorn. It was really nice fot the first hour cycling in the rain but once the sun came out it was back to normal. We stopped for lunch in a lovely villiage (Photo Below) and had a huge cheese and ham baguette washed down with a ton of fluid. still had 35 miles left to do and the thermometer was up to 40 degrees again. Altogether a good day but glad to stop. The Pyranees are now only a day away or so and we need plenty of rest.

Day 7 - Friday 24th July - 507 to go
Left Auch at 9 am. Lovely sunny dain and at last very little wind. We stopped to take a picture at the 500 mile mark which happened to be a police station(Photo Below) and then we pushed on as we could now see the pyranees in the distance. It was a steady climb - 1900 feet - up to Lannemezan where we stopped for lunch. Menu of the day, soup, salad, steak and desert for 9.50 euros. The afternoon was cloudy and the temperature dropped to 20 degrees. Fantastic. The scenery is just amazaing and we are now only 20km from Spain. As we are halfway and dooing really well we are going to spend tommorow cycling arround before we tackle the long awaited challange of the accent to the tunnel a section that is 19km long with a 10% gradiant. We are well into the ski ing region of the Pyranees. The hotel rooms are huge and at last we have a giant bath. The team is holdinig up well and there is talk of doing one of the 12km climb that has been used in the Tour De France before called Col d'aspin.

Day 8 - Saturday 25th July - 477 to go
We had a leisurely morning and watched the start of the local 10km run. Would have loved to join in. We decided to do the col d'aspin ride. This is a 12 km section that was used in the Tour De France a year or so ago. Believe me it did not dissapoint as the climb took us 80 minutes up to the summit which is over 1400 meters high. The road is still covered with markings from the race. For me it is certainly one of the best challanges Ii have ever undertaken and Ii am amazaed at what the body can do if it has too. Now just resting as tommorow we head off for Spain and again start with a 19km section to the top which again is all uphill with no breaks. Then its down hill into Spain. Have really enjoyed the Pyranees. The countryside is amazing and being so high up the weather is a lot cooler.

Day 9 - Sunday 26th July - 403 to go
This really for me and Paul was the most fantastic experience we have had. Physically it is easily the most demanding day Ii have ever put my body through so here goes. We left St Lary at 8.45 and straight away it was climb, climb, climb, For 19km it was up to the tunnel with gradients of 16%. It took 2 hours and just before the tunnel we stopped by a stream and the water was ice cold. Only Keith was brave enough to put most of his body under. The scenery was trully amazing. We went through the tunel which is two miles long and cold. Out the other side it was a very picturesquare down hill run, For 12 miles. We stopped for coffee and then it was on for another 50 miles. The countryside changed very quickly to dry and arrid and the temperature went up to 44 degrees. Hopefully when we post the photos on the site it will give everyone a good insight to cycling over the Pyranees. France was very scenic and the people were very nice to us. I just wish the country stayed open a bit more as at times we were dying of thirst and hunger. Maybe there way of life is better than the "rat race" in the UK. We cycled on to Barbastro and it was straight to the bar for a Celibrationary pint (or two) up to the room, washing, shower, dinner and then bed. We have covvered 665 miles and hope to be in Torrevieja on Saturday.

Day 10 - Monday 27th July - 328 to go
After yesterday it really was a subdued day. Scenery typical of Spain - hot and dry. A few peaches and pairs in between dry dusty wheat fields. We stopped for lunch at Balaguer, an old Spanish town, on the river. Pressed onto Tarrega where we found a hotel. no aircon and with the temperature today reaching 42 degrees C, it will be a warm night. No real photo opportunities today. we heading for the coast tommorow, so hopefully we will get a good days cycling in as no doubt the boys will want to do a bit off posing down the beach.

Day 11 - Tuesday 28th July - 247 to go
Went for dinner last night and had a ABB (another bloody baguette). Then to bed for the worst night so far. No aircon and very hot. There was noise from traffic all night and we where all a bit quiet at breakfast. On the bikes by 8.15 am and within a few miles we started to clime ABH (another bloody hill). This hill went on for several miles and at the top, 2565 feet, there were miles of gigantic wind terbines. Down the other side and our first coffee stop then on for a few hours before lunch. Youve guessed it ... ABB, then on to Reus, by passing Cambrills and onto the coast at last. Cooler sea breeze was just what we needed to carry on to L'ampolla where we found a hotel with aircon. A good sleep awaits including the miles lost to mistakes and looking for hotels. We have now covered over 800 miles. Another 300 or so to go. Not long girls. So start warming up the beds because the boys are coming home.

Day 12 - Wednesday 29th July - 166 to go
Good sleep at last. Aircon was freezing. L'ampolla is a really nice place, not to busy and no real sign of too many tourists. We left at 9 am. and set off quickly before the wing got up. Did 45 miles in 3 hours before stopping for water, coffee and orange juice. Then a slow crawl into a strong headwind and finally a killer hill before arriving in Benicasm where we found a hotel with a pool. Still very hot but still got the miles done.

Day 13 - Thursday 30th July - 166 to go
Left Benicasm at 9.15 and headed off in the direction of Valencia. After 3 hours and 45 miles we stopped for lunch. Menu of the day for 7.50 Euroes. Full up we headed of to Valencia, the third biggest city in spain. The temperature reached 43 degrees, so another hot afternoon. We got through in an hour without incident, few close shaves but that was all. We headed of to Cullera, along miles and miles of lush green paddy fields. Then after Cullera it was through the orange groves to Gandia. Well our room for tonight is 1 up from a police cell. The toilet and shower are down the road and we have one little towel between us. The only luxery tonight is the fan. Only about 110 miles to go, but tommorow we will have a few miles of mountains, so we will decide at lunch time if we can make it home. It has been a fantastic experience and we have enjoyed every minute. We are all looking forward to seeing our familys as we have now been away from them longer than ever before.

Day 14 - Friday 1st August - 103 to go
Left Gandia at 8.00am and headed off towards Torrevieja. After 3 hours and several hill climbs we reached Benisa which is where we stopped for breakfast of a coffee and a croissant. Then it was off again past Calpe, Altea then on past Benidorm and then we stopped again just outside Villajoyosa for lunch. Lucky we found somewhere as I experienced my first "bonk" (Please google 'Cycling Bonk' before you think I was enjoying myself). Then after lunch it was up and down hills all the way to Alicante where the temperature reached 43 degrees. We took a wrong turn and ended up on the motorway and Nick got a puncture. He shouted help to his team mechanic Paul who promptly rescued him and even supplied the hand wipe to wash away a spec of grease on his pinky (After half an hour at the A&E to remove the grease from Nicks finger, he was announced fit to carry on). Through Alicante without any mishaps and a few glasses of red wine, it was on to Santa Pola where we had our final stops and enjoyed our last moments of making our own descisions before "Our wives" took control again. We arrived in Torrevieja to a raptous, emotional and most appreciated welcome, it certainly made the whole event very very special. Thank you to all our families for all there love and support throughout, we missed you all. Appreciation to our sponsors for all the money they have helpled us raise over the 2 weeks. We will be debriefing to find out our challange next year, so keep the web site in your "Favourites"

Looking forward to the Race Night which is coming up soon, more information will be available online within the next couple of weeks. Until Next time.

Nick Porter

1095 Miles Covered, 84 Hours 01 Minutes Cycled

Saturday 18th July


  • 90.6 miles
  • 6 hours 47 minutes
  • 13.3 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Chateaubriant

Sunday 19th July


  • 64.0 miles
  • 5 Hours 15 Minutes
  • 12.2 Miles per Hour
  • Stopped location - Cholet

Monday 20th July


  • 97.8 miles
  • 7 hours 17 minutes
  • 13.4 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - St Jean D'Angely

Tuesday 21st July


  • 80.74 miles
  • 6 hours 27 minutes
  • 12.5 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Blaye

Wednesday 22nd July


  • 68.88 miles
  • 5 hours 17 minutes
  • 13.0 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Marmande

Thursday 23rd July


  • 74.55 miles
  • 5 hours 19 minutes
  • 14.0 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Auch

Friday 24th July


  • 66.29 miles
  • 5 hours 27 minutes
  • 12.1 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Soulan

Saturday 25th July


  • 30.43 miles
  • 3 hours 0 minutes
  • 10.14 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Soulan

Sunday 26th July


  • 74.36 miles
  • 6 hours 20 minutes
  • 11.7 Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Barbastro

Monday 27th July


  • 74.91 miles
  • 5 hours 33 minutes
  • xx Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Tarrega

Tuesday 28th July


  • 81.91 miles
  • 5 hours 54 minutes
  • xx.x Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - L'ampolla

Wednesday 29th July


  • 71.46 miles
  • 5 hours 50 minutes
  • xx Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Benicasm

Thursday 30th July


  • 103.00 miles
  • 7 hours 50 minutes
  • xx.x Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Gandia

Friday 1st August


  • 103.90 miles
  • 7 hours 45 minutes
  • xx Miles per hour
  • Stopped location - Torrevieja

Donations & Comments

Here are a few comments, but if I have missed you - thank you very much for all your generous support. We really appreciate it.


Date Name Amount Comment
25/05/2009 Steven & Richard Porter £25.00 Go on Dad you can do it!! I'm going to miss you, but the peace and quite will be good. Love you xx
12/07/2009 David & Maureen Jones £15.00 Good luck Nick, see you in Torrevieja!
16/07/2009 Ian & Toni £50.00 You can do it boys, good luck!
12/07/2009 Dawn Chalcraft. £20.00 Good luck & take care.
16/07/2009 Jackie McGlone £100.00 You can do it boys, good luck!
16/07/2009 Rick's Party Friends £10.00 Go on Ritchie's Dad!!!!
16/07/2009 Express Supplies £100.00 Common Nick, enjoy your ride. Good luck, all at Express Supplies
16/07/2009 Chichester Golf Club Ladies £120.00 You can do it boys, good luck!
19/07/2009 Moore Stephens (Golf Day) £18.00 Good luck!
24/07/2009 Stephanie Levy £25.00 You can do it boys, good luck!
24/07/2009 Noi £20.00 Go Dad GOOOOO!!!!!
01/08/2009 Peter & Jill Millam £20.00 Well done ! Followed you all the way
19/07/2009 Kathy & Steve Donohoe £50.00 Good luck
28/07/2009 Carolyn & David Thompson £50.00 Yes you can, its all down hill from here.
14/07/2009 Arash £40.00 You must be Mad.
28/07/2009 Graham Rodgers (Harwoods) £5.00 Good luck.
28/07/2009 All the Thai Girls £50.00 Good luck.We will look after Sang.
28/07/2009 Andrew Henshaw £50.00 Well done Nick.
28/07/2009 Somtim £10.00 Good luck.

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Graham Duguid - Team leader and honoured with the Yellow Jersey

Nick Porter - Team organiser

Keith Massett - Team Motivator. Mr Fit. Cool & Calm

Paul Moore - "Mr Kia" the Team Mechanic from Bognor!!


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